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Complete IE favorites manager

myFavorites is an advanced bookmark manager that helps you store and organize the information you find on the Internet. It is more that just an ordinary bookmark manager — it is a real virtual organizer. myFavorites stores not only links to the Internet data sources, but also the Web page citations or full content in HTML format along with your comments. It is a real notes storage system, with convenient tools for managing, searching, editing, and much more! myFavorites supports multilingual content and is conveniently embedded into your Internet Explorer toolbar. You can even use myFavorites for reading news from RSS sources!

With myFavorites you can:

  • Easily collect HTML citations or full content from the favorite Web pages
  • Save the citations, along with their links, titles, and dates
  • Supplement the citations with comments and ratings
  • Read news from RSS sources
  • Import favorites from Microsoft Internet Explorer to the myFavorites database
  • Export the whole database or any its branch to the Internet Explorer favorites
  • Export citations in XML format and e-mail them to a friend or colleague
  • Create and manage a tree-structured database

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